If you have the SPAM filtering product with Webcity, we will run a number of standard tests on the emails that you receive. If the email fails the tests, it will be placed into your SPAM mailbox.

We check things such as:

  • Time the email was received: An email will be penalised heavily if the time on the computer of the person sending the email is set incorrectly.
  • Amount of HTML in the email: The more HTML in your email, the less chance of it getting through.
  • Certain keywords: Emails that contain words such as "viagra" or "unsubscribe" will be penalised.
  • Location of sender: Emails that are not from Australia will be slightly penalised

The SPAM filter is not perfect and is always being modified. Spammers are crafty and are always changing their tactics, so if you find something in your SPAM mailbox that you don't feel should be there, or vice versa, please call us on 1300 655 590.