Note: If your domain is registered elsewhere, you will need to ensure that your domain will not expire in the next month to allow yourself time to complete this transfer in a timely manner.

If you want to minimise downtime on your hosting during a full transfer of hosting and domain name to Webcity, it is recommended that you follow these  steps:

- Purchase hosting with Webcity: This will give you a username and password with which you can login to your shared server. If you need this information, please email our support team so that our staff can determine which server you have been assigned to and provide you with the information.

- Upload your site: It is recommended that you put a freeze on your site during the transition period, and copy all of the files to your local computer. After this, you should use an FTP client (such as the one freely available from to upload all of the files to the shared server. You will need to ensure that they are all in the public_html folder.

- Test your site: You can view your site from <shared server address goes here>/~<username>, e.g. http://dont.use.this/~example. Please ensure that your site is fully functional *before* proceeding.

- Redelegate the domain: You need to go to your domain name registrar and change the nameservers for the domain over to and (as per the "Welcome to Webcity" email which you should have received). You can view our video tutorials section for this at

- Transfer the domain: Finally, you need to put a transfer order in for the domain at

You will receive a confirmation email to the administrative email address for this domain. If you do not have access to this email address, you will need to contact your current domain registrar for details on changing this.