Sometimes, it will be necessary to test your ability to make a connection to the FTP server for your domain. Both Windows and Mac OSX have inbuilt features which allow you to make a basic FTP connection which is invaluable when testing FTP problems.

For those using Windows:
  • Click on the "Start" button on you taskbar (it located on the bottom left hand corner of your screen)
  • Click run
  • In the "Run" Dialogue, type: cmd (all in lowercase), and then either click "OK", or press enter on the keyboard.
You can now skip down to the generic instructions.

For those using OSX:
  • Double click your Hard Drive on your desktop
  • Double click the Applications folder
  • Double click the Utilities folder
  • Double click the Terminal icon
Following are the instructions for both operating systems:

  • Select the terminal window
  • Type: ftp <your domain name> (e.g. ftp
If you are asked for a username it means that you can connect to the FTP server. From here you can test your username and password without the additional complication of using a separate FTP client.