In order to transfer your website files from your hard drive to your web space, you will need to use a program that supports file transfer protocol (FTP).
These programs (also called FTP clients) will require you to enter a domain server (or FTP Hostname) a username and password.

The FTP Hostname will be (once the domain name has propagated through the global dns system, this may take up to 48 hours after registering your domain).

Within the first 48 hours (or until the domain name has propagated through the global dns system) you can use the temporary server address you have been provided in your welcome email, just remember to change it back to when your domain is active.

The username and password were emailed to you as well after you registered your hosting account. You can also create new FTP accounts in your cPanel, 

Once your FTP client is set and connected to your account, transfer your files in the new "www" folder in order to make them visible in your domain.

We recommend you use of one of the following FTP clients 
We further recommend gftp for Linux users and Fetch for Mac users. 

Too complicated? 
If you don't feel comfortable with that kind of program yet, you can also use our Site Builder to put up a website within minutes without any technical knowledge required. 

Warning! Make sure you don't already have a website on that domain as the site builder might overwrite some of your existing files.

FTP clients video tutorials: