Hosting with Webcity means that your website will automatically be submitted to the major search engines. It may take a while for your site to be cached in Google but over the first few months of hosting you'll start to notice a 'google-bot' in your website statistics in cPanel. This means Google is caching the pages and your site is well on the way to having a Google presence.

However, achieving a high search engine ranking in a business in itself with many companies paying large amounts of money to achieve a top 20 Google presence. Achieving this type of search engine presence is beyond our online help and we recommend you either contact a business that offers search engine optimisation or you can investigate it further yourself.

To learn more about search engine optimisation you need to start looking at the influencing factors and how each engine uses them. 

After completing your research you will have a better understanding of search engines and directories. You will also have an idea of what it takes to achieve a top 20 ranking on the major search engines. 

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