To add one or several photo galleries to a website built withing the Webcity Site Builder, you first need to create a gallery.

  1. Log in to your Site Builder Admin Panel

  2. Go to Add-on Modules > Photo Gallery

  3. Give a name to your gallery (e.g. 'pictures 2006', 'office photos', 'my images', etc.) and click on "Add a new gallery". A message will confirm the creation of your gallery.

  4. Go back to the gallery page. This is where all your galleries will be listed. Click on "Upload new images". You will be able to add images from your hard drive to your gallery (5 images at a time maximum).
    Note: A 140x104 pixels thumbnail will automatically be generated and displayed on the gallery page. Your visitors will be able to click on these thumbnails to view the full size pictures.

  5. When you are satisfied with the content of your gallery, click on the name of an existing page where you wish to add the gallery (menu on the left of your interface).

  6. Use the menu "Insert Module" and select the name of the gallery you have created. A tag will be inserted in the content of your page (e.g. {%gallery_myimages%} ). This is where your gallery will be displayed.
    Note: You can add content above and below this tag line if you like.

  7. Save your changes and click on "Preview website". You have added a photo gallery to your website!
    Note: You can add as many galleries as you like as the site builder will generate a different tag for each gallery.