No, we are running PHP through CGI which means that your scripts must not have permissions higher than 755.

 If any of your scripts tell you to change your .php files to permission 777 you can ignore this.

Also, because of the way phpsuexec works you will no longer be able to place PHP directives into your .htaccess file.

 You will need to comment them out and create a php.ini file in your directory with these directives in it. 

Keep in mind that unlike a .htaccess file, a php.ini does not recur down into sub-directories.

We also suggest that you copy our global php.ini values over to your php.ini. 

If you try to make your own php.ini with only a few values in it, it will not adopt the values from the global php.ini and you may be left without Zend optimizer and other improvements we have made to PHP.